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Sunaki Okunka

Sunaki Okunka

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PostSubject: Sunaki Okunka   Thu May 07, 2015 5:47 pm


Full Name: Sunaki Okumka
Nickname(s): N/A
Codename: N/A
Age: 16
Classification: No Ninja Rank
Affiliation: N/A


Hair Color: Burnt Sienna
Eye Color: Asparagus green
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs
Other Traits:N/A

¤¤¤ PROWESS ¤¤¤

Elemental Natures:Lightning and Wind (Currently does not know she can use wind nor can use it yet do to this fact.)


  • Lightning Release: Lighting Clone: Sunaki can split her chakra in halves, thirds, etc. to make shadow clones but out of Lighting chakra. These clones work like normal shadow clones but shocks anything that hits them.
  • Lightning Release: Lighting Claw Fingers: Sunaki can make lighting claws on her finger tips for 15 seconds that aren't as strong as most jutsus similar to this one but isn't so weak its unnoticeable.
  • With Zippy Only: Lighting Upper Cut: Sunaki but using her free hand makes a one sided/hand tiger seal sending more lighting chakra into Zippy to make him enveloped in lightning as he jumps up trying to give you an upper cut while being extra close to your body to try to injure you that way as well.
  • With Zippy Only: Lighting Impaling: This works the same way as the Lighting Upper Cut but Zippy this time will try to jump through and impale the target in the stomach or other part like the stomach leaving a 6" in radius hole.
  • With Zippy Only: Choker: Sunaki does the one handed Tiger seal ass Zippy wraps himself around the target squeezing and choking them as Sunaki feeds through lighting chakra to shock the target.

Kekkei Genkai: Once she learns how to make nature transformations with chakra and how to use her wind chakra Sunaki will be able to use glass chakra and potentially use it to make new jutsus.


  • Basic fighting skills
  • Near mastered puppet making skills
  • Fighting with puppets
  • Controlling puppet with one hand while fighting with the other
  • Expert Survival skills

  • Up Close Fighting: Sunaki May know how to use her puppet with one hand and fighting with the other but she still is dividing her attention up into two different things that requires a good amount of attention so she won't preform either thing to her full capability making her at a disadvantage. Also while she uses Her puppet her attention is on him which makes it easier to surprise attack her.
  • Self Taught: Because she was self taught she doesn't know how to do certain things that normal ninja at her level can do like walking on water, up trees, etc.
  • Puppet: Most of her attacks and jutsus are dependent on a puppet and her own puppet Zippy that is different from many other puppets. Without a puppet or him she is very limited on what all she can do in a fight.
  • Zippy: Her puppet Zippy is a very strong one but his main attacks are all only jutsus that drain massive amounts of chakra from Sunaki so like someone somewhere said before "The brightest flame burns out the quickest" in other words hes strong but won't last in long drawn out fights.
  • A Realistic Slim Anime Girl: Unlike most in history who matches the description of a teen aged girl with an average body and no massive muscles that would explain ones strength, Sunaki is what she seems like and is as strong as she looks and even if she gets angry she won't gain enough strength to knock out a blonde haired ninja who is one of the strongest boys in the world with one annoyed punch on the head then suddenly lose that strength when shes fighting someone that you really would have needed that strength to save your friends and village. *cough*Sakura*cough*


  • One or two books on jutsus and chakra control
  • Puppet crafting and fixing tools
  • White Wraps (Extra wraps)
  • Kunai and shuriken (not many but always has one of each on hand.)
  • Zippy: A 3 foot long, cat sized puppet that like chakra blades can use the wielders chakra and use it for stronger attacks. (See below- note:  the blue on it only appears when she flows her lighting chakra into him.)


¤¤¤ PSYCH EVAL ¤¤¤

Personality:Sunaki is a strong brave and sometimes stubborn and a hot headed girl but isn't as hot headed as she used to be as a kid. Sunaki can be calm and quiet calm at times but can be the exact opposite if put in the right situation. But one constant thing about her is her protectiveness of her puppet Zippy.


  • Making and fighting with puppets
  • Fighting with one hand while controlling her puppet with the other
  • Surviving on her own and even without money.


  • The color blue
  • Making puppets and puppets in general
  • Wearing white wraps as apart of her everyday clothing
  • Zippy
  • Traveling
  • Candy
  • ((More maybe added later throughout rp))

¤¤¤ ORIGIN ¤¤¤

Family Members: Tokatu Okunka (Father status unknown) Rekal Okunka (Mother killed during anbu mission)
Place of Origin:Sunagakure
History:Sunaki was born of a member of the hidden sand and cloud village one being a jounin ninja and the other an Anbu both ninja from separate villages.  Sunkai's father, Tokatu the jounin of the hidden sand village gave up his position to live with his newly found wife the Anbu of the hidden cloud village. Soon enough these two crazy kids had a child and named her Sunkai.

Sunaki was a pretty hot headed kid like her mother to say the least, by the age of 5 she had mostly been raised by her father since her mother was constantly out on missions for the Raikage, and her father trying so hard to get Sunaki to join the ninja academy seeing her potential. She managed to get her attention from time to time long enough to teach her some of the basics before she got distracted by her puppet making.

Sunaki sometimes would listen to her father as he told about ninja who could use puppets to fight. Though she tended to ignore him knowing that he was just trying to get her to become a ninja when all she wanted was to become a puppet maker who sold them for a living. Though her mother did manage to talk her into at least learning how to use the puppets saying it would help her make better ones to know how they worked.

Around the age of 8 Sunaki's mother had gifted her with her very own puppet that could capture the users chakra and use it like a weapon. She then told her that she wanted her to practice with it because she might need it one day because the world wasn't always the safest. Sunaki of course did so her mothers requests always being so reasonable and not forcing her to do something while her fathers have gotten more shouty and why won't you do-e this for me.

When Sunaki hit the age of 10 after her mother had gone missing off a mission with no word for about a few months her father receive word that she was killed in combat. Though when ever someone would try to tell Sunaki her father would stop them and soon enough before the funeral her father brought them back to the hidden wind village. Sunaki was very distant from everyone and very unhappy since her mother never wrote to her any more visited nor around and she didn't know anyone.

For 2 years her father pushed harder and harder for her to stop being cooped up in her room and commanded her to become a ninja. But this time when she refused he got very angry and yelled at her telling her about her mother. Sunaki refused to believe him shouting back that he was lying and that she was just lost on a mission. He started to get physically and verbally abusive towards Sunaki until some neighbors heard the shouting and fighting sounds and rushed in stopping him.

In the heat of things Sunaki quickly grabbed Zippy the name she had given the puppet her mother gave her and ran away from the village. Sunaki began to wonder around telling herself that her mother was still alive and needed help. It was bad yes because she was living in denial but good because it was the one thing that kept her going. Sunaki on her travels started to pick up books on Jutsus and Chakra to learn more about them.

Sunaki wasn't panning to be a ninja but she knew if her mother was in trouble she had to get as strong as possible to be able to save her. Sunaki mastered her skills and jutsus as she traveled for a few years looking for her mother taking any food that was gifted to her and that she could find. Though when she hit 15 reality hit her like a bad cold met with a hang over on a day after an all nighter. She learned and accepted that her mother died.

Though she became rather depressed on the matter she refused to die and kept fighting on. Sunaki continued to travel the lands just to travel and refused to return to the hidden cloud or even the hidden sand village not seeing either places as home any longer and she saw herself as now a villageless wondering traveler with only a puppet from her mother for company.
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Sunaki Okunka

Sunaki Okunka

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Jutsu will be handled in another section. They'll be discussed there.


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Sunaki Okunka
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