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 A new Job? (Suzaku/Sunaki Okunka)

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PostSubject: Re: A new Job? (Suzaku/Sunaki Okunka)   Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:15 am

He nodded at Reaper's pledge of allegiance. "Well then, now that all of our ducks are in a row, you're dismissed. You can ask me questions at any time, considering I don't have any Jonin staff right now, so don't feel afraid to come by and ask me whatever you need."
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PostSubject: Re: A new Job? (Suzaku/Sunaki Okunka)   Sun Dec 06, 2015 11:00 pm

Reaper nods, bowing."Yes sir....." So...it was done.....Sighing slightly, he let's it go. His prey was getting stronger, and even if not necessarily now,he'd need resources soon.Straightening, the warriors hand flexes.Clearing his throat, he makes a request."Sir, may I have my equipment back?"
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Sunaki Okunka

Sunaki Okunka

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PostSubject: Re: A new Job? (Suzaku/Sunaki Okunka)   Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:17 am

Sunaki watched them as they spoke and blinked as she heard that he was lacking in Jonin. That may have been the reason why he was so willing to allow outsiders to join his ranks so easily since lacking jonin was never a good thing. She wondered what other ranks he may be lacking in and i any other villages know this information. Her mother always told her not to worry as much about her because the world was in a time of peace so it wasnt as dangerous as it was to be a ninja from long ago but... she still.... ninja still died and vanished in this era o piece despite how skilled they may be.

So there may just be people out there that may attack this village if they learned of it's state and if they truly were low in defenses then there was no garentte that the damage that would be done would me minimal or not. This village was rather happy and welcoming and she hated the thought of it changing because of someone attacking the village because o them learning of it's state. But now that she was going to be stronger she could help them right? She could build more puppets, learn to control more than one at once, learnmore ninjutsu for if she was ever stuck with out her puppets, she could help protect the village she....

she wondered if this is what her mother felt... what she thought of to help her kept leaving for months at a time on missions and only beign around for a few days each time, to miss out on her time with her for the small time she had. Maybe this feeling is was helped her get through the fear... if Reaper had gone through what he had and is this strong but only being placed as a genin who can take the chunin test hen he wanted... how strong what her mother...? How strong was her father who were both 2 ranks above a chunin at special jonin... anbu..?

She looked down a bit with narrowed thought full eyes. 'How strong was the person who could have stopped her mother and a large team of anbu.....? Her hand slightly started to shake at the thought but she tried holding it still with her other hand. How many people were out there and that strong...? And how many times was she lucky enough not to encounter them in battle...? Boy was she glad that she was allowed to say now more than she was before but she knew that soon enough shed have to go back out again.. but hopefully by then she'd be in a better position where she wouldn't be in such a hopeless state against them like she was now.

There was a lot out there that she had no idea about to where she wouldnt be able to handle them in battle i she encountered them.... hell she only learned that people could have two dirent kinds of chakaras just about a day ago and it seemed to be simple knowledge.... how much else did she not know...? And how much had she put herself in danger with further and put herself behind by never going to an academy to be a ninja just to spite her father.... Had...had he all this time had tried pushing her or these reasons...? Had he lied to her all those years just to protect her had he yelled and fought so much with her just to help her realize that she had much to learn and should learn.....?

No. Theres no way that that could be true... at least she didn't think so... her father was a mad and cruel man! there's no way that he had done all of these things just to protect her. If it was he would have tired and found her by now right? No he probably even hated her for leaving and acting the way she did. She shook her head to try and refocus. 'Come on Sunaki you're in the presence of a kage, YOUR kage. You need to focus and listen to every word spoken you don't want to miss anything important nor have to ask for him to repeat himself. Now do as your mother said how one should be with a Kage.

She thought back to when she was about 8 and stood by her mother and held a serious face as her mother instructed her. "Stand up straight, straighter, straaaaaighter like a kunaaaaiiiiiiiiii aaaaaand there you go perfect." Sunaki straightened her back like she had back then which was little by little till she stood perfectly straight and up right. "Now present a brave and serious face, hide your fear that you ever may hold because over coming ones fear or others is more important than trying to cower in the corner to protect only yourself and you want to look like you actually believe in yourself as others may believe in you."

"And look professional and respectful, the Kage deserves all your respect and nothing less thy worked hard to be where they are and to protect the village so always remember that because if you ever forget it and doubt your Kage you are the one to be doubted not your Kage." Sunaki put on the face as instructed like she did as a child. "And remember... this is the most important lesson to follow when with your kage, that stands right by protecting them with your life! Never! Ever! EEEEEEEVVVVEEEEER! Fart around your kage.... it may be silent... but it could be deadly..."

Her mother whispered the last part like it was a spooky story and the young sunaki laughed and the older one as she left her memory tried not to smile smirk or laugh at the joke. Her mother always did find it hart to stay serious constantly all the time when not on a mission...... she missed her mother's jokes.... She looked forward as Reaper asked for his weapons back and stood a straight stance with her arms at her sides and a professional and respectful look on her face as she waited for reaper to fiish so the two could be on their way.
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PostSubject: Re: A new Job? (Suzaku/Sunaki Okunka)   

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A new Job? (Suzaku/Sunaki Okunka)
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