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PostSubject: Kyo's Jutsus    Kyo's Jutsus  Icon_minitimeThu May 21, 2015 9:32 pm

Includes all Academy Jutsu, Kai ~ Release, Shunshin, Walking on Water/Surface Method

Wind Techniques
Name: Wind Release Flow
Description: Kyo flows wind chakra to an object to increase its cutting power and attack speed.

Name: Vacuum Cut
Description: Kyo flows wind chakra into Tenro and moves his sword in a slashing manner. He sends compressed wind pressure to finely cut human flesh from a distance or damage a small area in a more blunt manner like a shockwave (8m range).

Name: Mizuchi
Range: 10m
Description: Mizuchi is a Kenjutsu technique of the Mumyo Jinpu Ryuu Satsujin Ken style. Kyo releases a gale of wind chakra through his sword, which can travel through the air or the ground. The gale will refine itself into an extremely sharp and powerful wind, like a razor blade, but will also give off a gentle breeze feeling to those around its vicinity. The opponent will have a sense of both calm and caution while under Mizuchi's atmosphere, and vaguely hear a light, windy sound. The Mizuchi wind will then cut the opponent up, killing them as they're experiencing the atmosphere of Mizuchi. To durable opponents, the Mizuchi will just cut them up to a moderate extent instead of killing them. The Mizuchi wind is controlled by Kyo.

Name: Seiryu
Range: 10m
Description: Seiryu is a Kenjutsu technique of the Mumyo Jinpu Ryuu Ouji style. Basically an advanced form of the Mizuchi, Kyo fires several Mizuchis towards the opponent. Keeping with the gentle breeze Mizuchi creates, this attack is far more deadlier, as Kyo can consistently use the Mizuchis to cut the opponent up from anywhere until they're reduced to nothing than a blood puddle with dust. An opponent who has suffers this technique will be practically reduced to non-salvagable pieces, and is a very effective way to deal with powerful healing abilities. Seiryu places a strain on Kyo so it can only be used twice per day. The technique can last a total of two post cycles.

Name: Byakko
Range: 20m
Description: Byakko is a Kenjutsu technique of the Mumyo Jinpu Ryuu Ouji style. Kyo fires off a large amount of wind chakra, which he forms into a white tiger. One of the claws of the tiger will reach out to attack the target, shredding their body. Should it miss or a follow-up attack is desired, the tiger will disperse and transform into visible wind. The target will feel "grabbed" by the air, which has been shaped into a bigger version of the white tiger's claw gripping onto them.  The white tiger will appear again, bigger than ever, and deliver a blow that will shred the enemy to pieces.

Name: Genbu
Range: 10m
Description: Genbu is a Kenjutsu technique of the Mumyo Jinpu Ryuu Ouji style that can be used offensively and defensively. Kyo fires out a massive amount of wind chakra, which he form into the shape of dozens of white snakes. As the snakes collide with the enemy, massive concussive force is released - the impact is strong enough to demolish an area of several houses. Against an enemy attack Kyo, an extremely powerful wall of wind will form to block such an attack. After that, the snakes will emerge from the wall of wind and rush towards the opponent to entangle them, trapping them and restricting them of all movement. Once that happens, the snakes will enlarge, bite onto the opponent, and violently tear them to pieces.

Name: Kyoru
Description: Kyoru is a S-class technique of the Mumyo Jinpu Ryuu Ouji kenjutsu style.  Kyo channels a massive amount of wind chakra to his sword and "beams" it to the skies. A few seconds later, an immense pillar of golden-colored wind (like an energy beam) will strike from the clouds and slam right into the target. The impact of such attack can destroy an area of a few buildings. With the target as its aimed destination, the chances of anyone surviving such an attack head-on are very low. After the technique, Koryu will clear away all of the clouds that can be seen. This is a one-use technique.
Kyo, himself, can be caught in such a blast and will likely die if he takes it directly. That said, it's best if this technique is launched while he's away from his target, with at least a 100m distance between the target to assure that he does not take any damage. Koryu consumes a very large amount of chakra from Kyo and takes away a great deal of his battle stamina.

Fire Jutsus
Name: Suzaku
Range: 15m
Description: Suzaku is a Kenjutsu technique of the Mumyo Jinpu Ryuu Satsujin Ken style. Kyo focuses large amounts of fire chakra through his sword and slashes towards the target. A large, phoenix-like bird will burst forward from it at tremendous speeds to hit the opponent. The power of the Suzaku is fierce and destructive, for its flames have a temperature of 2000 degrees. The bird is controlled by Kyo and can be applied over a distance. The Suzaku can freely fly through the air to hit its target and upon impact, burning the opponent to cinders and ashes.

Name: Exploding Flame Formation
Description: After the user forms four handseals and place their hand on the ground, the user releases up to ten exploding tags that wrap themselves around the victim from the feet upwards. Once in place around the target's legs, the tags detonate simultaneously, engulfing them in an explosion and burning them with flames.

Name: Inferno Pillar
Description: A Kenjutsu technique that uses a sword. Kyo channels fire chakra through his blade and swings it, sending an arc-like flame that can immolate a human body.

Other Techniques
Name: Ki
Description: Ki is a Ninjutsu technique honed by Kyo. Through a series of meditative exercises, Kyo was able to gain chakra-sensory capabilities. He increases his own sensitivity to chakra to be able to detect any chakra presences within a 50 meter radius of him. In addition to that, his experience in combat allowed him to master sensing to the point that he can sense killing intent itself, which he likens to "battle ki".

Name: Willpower
Range: 5 meters
Description: The use of willpower is a skill mastered by Kyo after killing the Mibu clan leader. Battle experience and naturally high chakra affinity characteristic of a Mibu allowed him to develop it into a versatile jutsu. This technique materializes Kyo's killing intent and bloodlust in a battle to intimidate an opponent. This intimidation can come in the form of a cold chill, blatant fear, or minor hallucinations.
On the other hand, it can be used as an offensive attack to amplify his chakra output through a very powerful will. By blasting out a burst of chakra from him, he can damage his surroundings and repel objects, including his opponents.

Name: Shadow Clone Technique
Description: Kyo divides his chakra equally among duplicates of himself, creating several clones of similar battle ability.

Name: Clone Great Explosion
Description: The technique creates a clone that looks like a normal shadow clone, which allows the user to get it close to the target without them expecting anything besides a normal attack, or the target might even close in willingly to try to attack the clone. Using multiple tricks and diversionary tactics to disguise the nature of the clone can make this technique more likely to be effective. The clone can be detonated when the wielder wishes it, covering a 10m blast radius.

Name: Stone Needles
Description: This technique makes use of the user's chakra as a paralyzing agent. Although typically employed on kunai, Kyo uses it on his blade. Once it cuts into someone, chakra will stream into the opponent's body and restrict their movement. The effect will remain so long as the blade is inside of the opponent's body (so if it's removed, then the target is home-free). Powerful opponents (people who are on Kyo's level or stronger) can resist the technique just fine.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyo's Jutsus    Kyo's Jutsus  Icon_minitimeFri May 22, 2015 1:57 am

The only issues I have with any of these is Willpower. Killing intent is already something in Naruto. It's used mostly for what you already have listed for the first effect. As for the second...I suppose it will work.

Also please don't kill other characters without their permission. Just putting it out there.

These are approved, just don't abuse them. But from the way you've written these I think you're a reasonably balanced person, so you have the benefit of the doubt.

Really like how you included range, by the way. Nice touch.
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