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 Myuto, Lady Seventh of the Sand

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PostSubject: Myuto, Lady Seventh of the Sand   Sun Jun 07, 2015 4:49 pm




Full Name: Myuto
Pronounced as 'me-you-toe'.

Nickname(s): Kazekage, Lady Seventh, or Myu
'I'd prefer to be referred to as Kazekage or Lady Seventh, unless you're a close friend.'

Codename: Hana.
For the flower shaped tattoos, however on that note, being anonymous is hard when you have tattoos everywhere.

Alias(es): Gin Sake
Ah yes... Gin Sake... that's me. *Barely stifled giggling ensues.* This is more of a joke than anything, really, because I find it difficult do to anything that even resembles undercover work, what with all my tattoos.

Age: Twenty-Nine
Yes, I am aware that I'm quite young, but I wasn't born yesterday, so I'm no fool.

Classification: Kazekage
And I worked my ass off to get here too.

Affiliation: Sunagakure
Born and bred, baby.


Hair Color: Blonde with lighter bangs.

Eye Color: Dark Olive Green.

Gender Female.

Height: 6'2".

Weight: 142 Lbs.

Other Traits: Tattoos on her face, shoulders, stomach, arms, and legs. Dark rings around her eyes.


Elemental Natures:
Earth & Wind Natures, which she combines to form her Kekkei Genkai, Magnet Release.
My chakra ranks as much higher than the average ninja, but a bit less than the Seventh Raikage's, however I spend a fair amount of time developing my chakra capacity.

She is skilled in both close-contact and long-distance battle, however with her Magnet Release ability, she is more comfortable with long-distance battle, where she can anticipate her enemies moves, and remain on the defensive.
Ninjutsu - 1st specialty - Due to her extensive abilities with combining her chakra natures, as well as using them separately, Myuto has a deep understanding of chakra points. Over the years she has developed her own way of moving and fighting in order to maximize her chakra endurance, and to protect her chakra points.
Taijutsu - 2nd specialty - She has the combat skills in this area that could be expected from a Kage, however she's more skilled with Ninjutsu, hence why she takes great care to protect her chakra points.

✶ Her Earth nature is weak against Lightning nature techniques.
✶ Her Wind nature is weak against Fire nature techniques.
✶ Especially offensive or aggressive enemies, as they have less to lose and she is better with defense than offense.
✶ Hesitation to finish off an enemy. She dislikes killing unless the stakes are high, preferring to instead imprison and question enemies for information.
✶ Myuto has an unpleasant relationship with toads/frogs ranging from intense disgust to mild panic if they touch her.

✶ Basic ninja gear (kunai, shuriken, senbon needles, ect.)
✶ Hair-clip shaped like a symbol four-petal flower, gifted to her by her Father which previously belonged to her Mother.
✶ A simple handle & hilt with no blade attached. She uses her Magnet release to form various weapons on the hilt.
✶ Summoning scrolls, for summoning her partner, Tetsukawa, a giant snake whom she contracted after travelling to Ryuchi Cave. Testukawa's substitute is named Ryukawa.
✶ She has a pet rat named Chūchū.


Myuto is, most notably, an open-hearted and kind woman. She would rather pursue a path of peace than to go around warmongering, however when it comes to outsiders, she can't help but be wary of their intentions, thus she can come off as slightly suspicious of visitors from other villages. If she finds that her village is threatened, or that an ally village is under attack, she is quick to move into action. Due to her laid-back, friendly personality, it's vital that she have advisers who can tell her when she should act.

✶ Personable/friendly.
✶ Negotiation skills.
✶ Loyalty to her village.
✶ Motherly.
✶ Confident Leader.

✶ Sculpting/Pottery Making.
✶ Listening to string instruments.
✶ Twirling her hair around her pointer-finger.


Family Members:

Mother - Sunai
Click to see Sunai:
I only knew her briefly, and I was far too young to make a fair assumptions. She was kind, and had a good sense of judgement, however after falling ill, she was bedridden and practically immobile, so my more vivid memories are of her lying in bed, singing. I was out training when she passed away, and returned home to my father looking understandly upset.

Father - Hokin
Click here to see Hokin:
He has been my biggest role-model. Throughout my life he has been kind and considerate, though when it came to training he was stern. This sort of personality helped me grow both mentally and training-wise into the person I am today.

Brother - Raikin
Click to see Raikin:
My older brother and I are close. He helped with my training whenever my father was on a mission, so Raikin has always been there for me whenever I need it, even if it would be more productive to be doing something else.

Pet Rat - Chūchū
Click to see Chūchū:
What can I say? He's a giant rat. Fat and practically useless aside from being a nice companion.

Contracted Partner - Testsukawa
Click to see Tetsukawa:
He has a personality that's quite... different from mine. Maybe it's because he's really old, or because I suspect he sleeps on a bed of sharp rocks, but he's very sour and stubborn. Over the years however, we have come to a sort of understanding that I can... well... vaguely call friendship. I trust him and know that he'll be there to back me up, at least.

Place of Origin:


Her mother's death shook her resolve at an early age, however with the help of her father and brother, she moved forward with her training. Training progressed normally, and she moved through the ranks quite quickly, generally a few months ahead of her peers each time. When she was a Jonin she traveled to Ryuchi Cave and formed a contract with Tetsukawa, who she originally didn't get along with well, but as her confidence grew so did Tetsu's respect for her authority. Once she achieved the rank of Kazekage, Tetsu became much easier to work with and to command when needed. Over time they formed a closer bond of trust. While a Jonin she began training a young man named Mamuro, finding his company to be pleasant due to his cheeky and friendly personality that makes him an easy person to be around.

Although still relatively new to her position by a couple years, Myuto has gotten the hang of politics and battle strategies, and intends to Sunagakure a time of peace and cooperation. She has yet to experience any real opposition from anyone in the Sand, aside from a few of the older citizens that see her as too gentle, fearful that if danger were to approach, she would act meekly and their village would face destruction.

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PostSubject: Re: Myuto, Lady Seventh of the Sand   Sun Jun 07, 2015 9:24 pm

Be approved by thine own creation!

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Myuto, Lady Seventh of the Sand
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