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 Meirō of the Hidden Cloud

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PostSubject: Meirō of the Hidden Cloud   Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:11 pm




| Full Name: Meirō of the Hidden Cloud.
| Nickname(s): Mei, Rira.
| Codename: Rira.
| Alias(es): Hībukyō Mutsu.

| Age: Twenty-Four.
| Affiliation: Kumogakure.
| Classification: Jonin.


| Hair Color: Dark Brown.
| Eye Color: Lilac.
| Gender: Female.
| Height: 6'4".
| Weight: 150 Lbs.

| Other Traits:
| Left Shoulder tattoo, 照る 'Shine'.
| Right Shoulder tatoo, 芽 'Sprout'.

-----☁ PROWESS ☁

| Elemental Natures:
| Earth Release +
| Water Release =
| Wood Release, she specializes in growing plants out of her own body. She only has this ability as a result of being one of Orochimaru's experiments for a brief period of time, however she turned out to not be strong enough to be a sustainable experiment She does not remember this period of her life, and was presumed missing from the village, only to be found dazed and confused outside of the village.

| Skills:
| Ninja gear competency, including kunai, senbon needles, shuriken, ect.
| Chakra Level: She has chakra pool that is only slightly above average per her rank.
| Taijutsu: Meiro isn't nearly as good with physical combat as she is with Ninjutsu. She works to improve her skills, but is on par with her fellow Jonin.
| Ninjutsu: She functions on a level of Ninjutsu that's significantly above average, however due to her average chakra pool, she had to spend copious hours training her endurance, as well as meditating frequently to try and
-------------amplify her chakra pool's size.
| Defensive: Using her Wood Release techniques, her strongest offensives are almost always strong defensives, meaning, she really would rather protect than battle.

| Weaknesses:
| Her unimpressive chakra pool size.
| Her gentle nature inhibits her from fighting at full capacity, most of the time.
| Meiro's goal is to be a Mother, thus she's careful not to put herself in a situation where she might perish.

| Equipment:
| A second gear-pouch full of seeds.
| Standard gear-pouch.
| Several small seeds are implanted beneath her skin.

-----☁ PSYCH EVAL ☁

| Personality:
| Kind -- having or showing a friendly, generous, and considerate nature.
| Passive -- accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance.
| Defensive When Threatened -- very anxious to challenge or avoid criticism.
| Motherly -- of, resembling, or characteristic of a mother, especially in being caring, protective, and kind.

| Strengths:
| Loyalty to her village.
| Commitment to protecting the younger generations.
| Determination.

| Interests/Habits:
| Braiding hair.
| Gardening.

-----☁ ORIGIN ☁

| Family Members:
| Motoshige of the Hidden Cloud -- Father/Jonin -- Deceased.
| Nanako of the Hidden Cloud -- Mother/Medic -- Deceased.
| Yoshino of the Hidden Cloud -- Aunt (Mother's Sister)/Jonin -- Alive.
| Hoshi of the Hidden Cloud -- Brother (Ident. Twin to Hiromi) -- Alive.
| Hiromi of the Hidden Cloud -- Brother (Ident. Twin to Hoshi) -- Deceased.

| Place of Origin:
| Kumogakure.

| History:  
| ⋆ Mother and Father were killed in battle, both of them were relatively up in age when they had their children, so she never connected too well with them, however, she connected much more with her Aunt Yoshino, who was a kind and gentle woman who taught Meiro about homemaking, considering as a child she showed more interest in babysitting her younger brothers than training.
⋆ While watching her baby brothers while they were playing outside, Meiro dozed off, and when she awoke, Hoshi was nowhere to be seen, and laying at the foot of a rock was a motionless Hiromi, his head had collided with the rock during the rough-housing, and Hoshi had fled for fear of retribution. Hiromi perished before Meiro could bring help.
⋆ Her ninja training moved at a steady pace. She was an average disciple, nothing incredible, until she developed her Wood Style and realized that she could do a better job of protecting her village with strong defenses, so she spends her time honing her skills and expanding her chakra pool.

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PostSubject: Re: Meirō of the Hidden Cloud   Mon Jun 08, 2015 11:01 pm

Be approved by thine own creation!

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Meirō of the Hidden Cloud
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