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PostSubject: Kichi   Kichi Icon_minitimeThu Jun 11, 2015 12:00 pm

Kichi PeVcWaJ


Full Name: Kichi
Age: 13
Classification: Genin
Affiliation: Kumogakure


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 100 lbs
Other Traits:

¤¤¤ PROWESS ¤¤¤

Elemental Natures: Lightning Release

Skills: Kichi excels in taijutsu and bukijutsu amplified with Lightning Release chakra flow for increased piercing power. She is also capable of using nintaijutsu but currently does not possess the skill to maintain it for extended periods. She is a prodigious user of the Body Flicker technique, enough to get the jump on jounin-level ninja who are not aware of her exceptional speed.

Weaknesses: Kichi is skilled enough to detect when genjutsu is being used but needs assistance from others with dispelling higher level genjutsu. Wind Release jutsu can give her trouble, being a counter to her Lightning Release.

*Storage scrolls

¤¤¤ PSYCH EVAL ¤¤¤

Personality: Kichi is mischievous and a bit of a sadist. She is the type who toys with her prey before delivering the decisive blow. She tends to give off a creepy aura when she is around, hinting that she is someone to be wary of. Though her nature makes her hard to approach, the few people who know her enough often attest that she's not as bad as she seems. At worst you may be subject to playful teasing and sadistic jokes on a regular basis. It is simply her personal amusement to get into people's heads and mess with them. In truth, she does cares about the well-being of her comrades in her own weird way, mostly by keeping them on their toes all the time. Still, she is ambitious and known to be schemer so it isn't really a good idea to let your guard down around her either.

Strengths: Kichi's specialty is intimidation and psychological warfare. Trickery and mind games are standard fare for her in addition to her practical skills. Naturally this also means she possesses a strong mind and will herself.

Interests/Habits: Kichi is fond of teasing people with playful threats. She enjoys seeing others flustered and anxious. When not pretending or joking about stabbing people in the back, her other source of pleasure is being being a fan girl of famous ninjas. She always has ink and paper ready for autograph opportunities.

¤¤¤ ORIGIN ¤¤¤

Family Members: See History
Place of Origin: Kumogakure
History: Kichi was the daughter of a jounin who was part of the guard of the previous Raikage but had to retire early due to an injury. She gained her interest in famous ninjas from listening to her father's stories. She was the youngest and had always been a problem child when compared to her elder siblings despite showing the most talent. She was the designated creepy kid back in her academy days and had only a few close friends who truly understood her. She actually had a lot of fun with her reputation and never saw it as a bad thing.

Upon becoming a genin, her jounin instructor found her particularly difficult to deal with but not because she was rebellious or insubordinate. In fact she was very dedicated towards accomplishing missions and displayed great promise as a ninja, being one of the strongest in her generation. Her teammates eventually got used to her, but whenever they had to work with other genin teams, she was quick to turn her peers off and make them want to have nothing to do with her. Whenever she was confronted about it, she would always claim that they were too immature as ninjas if that was all it took to rile them up, something that her instructor couldn't help but agree with.

Her social issues aside, Kichi is actually quite self-motivated, aiming to rise in ranks and catch up with the ninjas she admires.
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PostSubject: Re: Kichi   Kichi Icon_minitimeThu Jun 11, 2015 2:38 pm

Don't see anything wrong here.

Kichi Daruis10
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