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 Demon Eyes Are Out Looking [Private]

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The wielder of the demon eyes raced across the trees until he landed in an open field of grass, completely unobstructed. He liked this stage, for it was a grand, open setting where he could see everything and everything could see him. Like a samurai, he intended to fight up-front. Just then, he saw several black pellets come his way, and he wasn't just going to be a sitting duck and find out how hard they were by letting them plow into his flesh. Instead, he jumped backwards and had them miss their target. Appearing before him, hovering on a black mass, was none other than his target. "Airon Yuigon, it's always a good day when your prey comes right to ya", Kyo said. Airon retorted, "My exact thoughts". In truth, Kyo detected Airon's chakra and bloodlust earlier and already knew his position. A fiery chakra aura emanated from Kyo, making his clothes and hair seemingly hover. All the energy and bloodlust build up from inside of him would now be released, as the demon would slaughter its opponent. He manifest his killing intent and directed it all towards Airon Yuigon. He thought he saw a twitch of the eye, but otherwise Airon remained strong and firm. "As expected of my bounty, looks like the village did well to sand me against someone tough. You are the 'Iron Bender', marked for death by Konoha. And that thing you're standing on right now is none other than the Satetsu, Suna's deadliest weapon hm?" Kyo posed.

"You are well informed, Mr..." Airon said. "Kyo! Onime no Kyo. It is only right that I tell my opponent the name of their killer before I take their life.." Kyo said. And right after that, he exerted his willpower via chakra and expelled it right at Airon. Airon was pushed off and fell to the ground several meters away from where he was from Kyo. "Good! Now that you're off your high horse, we can now fight on the same ground", Kyo said. He drew Tenro, and from it Airon felt a terrible chakra and bloodlust. The two of them were compatible; Kyo was Tenro in human form and Tenro was Kyo in the form of a blade. They were one, in soul and purpose. Airon took out a scroll and rolled it out its length. Drawing blood, he placed his hand on it. "Summoning Technique!" Nine summoning circles lit up and out came nine werewolf summons. "A Multi-Link Summoning Technique.... how interesting!" Kyo said as he formed one seal. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He formed eight duplicates of himself and sent them straight at the werewolves. "Let's see which one has more bite... the demon or the mongrel?!" he challenged. Kyo's clones were not afraid of the werewolves, no matter how demonic they seem. They engaged in battle with Fuhai, Kurokiba (Shadowfang), Bloodthurstinglycan (Akkishukun), Anquilador de Vampiros (Tsukijoou), Vun Sleender (Ikkiyogen), Savageteeth (Bantekiha), Impoccus (Jakima), Van Blud (Urufukoinu), and Igorman (Rippukujin). The clones proved to be more of a match for most of the werewolves, and just five minutes after the battle began, only three werewolves were left: Lycan, Anquilador, and Vun Sleender. One of Kyo's clones stabbed Vun Sleender with chakra running through Tenro, inducing the effects of Stone Needles on Sleender. The other clone beheaded Sleender. However, bloodthrustinglycan pounched on one kyo clone and dispersed him. The remaining Kyo clone, exercising his lethal skill with the sword and Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu prowess, struck Lycan's vital points and killed him. Now with wind chakra running through his sword, he charged at Anquilador and the two of them hit each other at the same time, dispersing them in ninja smoke.

Through the smoke, came Kyo's sword. With wind chakra running through his sword, Tenro was able to use Vacuum Cut to send compressed wind pressure right at Airon who was just 8 meters away. The wind cut was able to inflict a long graze on his cheek which caught him off guard, as well as crack the earth along its path. "Don't fall asleep, dimwit! Now we can get to the real fight! Between Suna's deadliest weapon and the world's deadliest sword style, Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu!" Kyo cackled. His raging chakra bursted through his sword, converting itself into the wind affinity so that Kyo can cut things easily. The sharpened Tenro slammed across Airon's Satetsu wall which was just erected to defend him. "If you think that's hard enough to block my strikes... think again!" Exerting more willpower and physical strength and amplifying his wind release flow to the maximum, Kyo was able to use Tenro's already powerful and high cutting power to slice the Satetsu barrier right in half.

Airon was astonished by this. Understanding Kyo's skill with the sword and lethal cutting ability, he must avoid close combat at all costs and turn this into a fight at long-range, where he excels at. Forming the Tiger handseal, Airon executed a Doton technique. "Earth Flow River!" The ground below Kyo turned into mud and it forced him to slide down a stream away from airon. "Opening up the distance between us, eh?!" Kyo shouted. Then Airon formed another set of seals. "Swamp of the Underworld!" A huge puddle of mud formed under Kyo and his sliding stopped - now, he was adhesively stuck to the mud. Airon took it to the skies with his Satetsu. "Raiton: Gian!" Firing lightning bolts at Kyo, demon eyes had to think first. He overused the amount of chakra needed around his feet and then pushed off with his Willpower, forcefully pushing him away from the mud. As the lightning beams headed for him, Kyo sliced them with one clean stroke of his sword. As his sword was infused with wind chakra, the lightning chakra was easily diffused. Kyo landed on solid ground no more. "Heh! Looks like you're a pretty good tactician yourself. Knowing that I'm a swordsman, you try to take away my footing by using Doton on the ground. This would have defeated your average-joe, but as you can see, I'm a lot tougher to deal with", Kyo said. From his immense battle experience and natural aptitude, he had developed ways to counter his weakness against Doton. And with his Fuuton prowess, Airon's own Raiton was useless. There was nothing left to do but to take his smarts up a notch and use his Satetsu to the fullest.

Riding on his Satetsu on air, Airon used his magnetic chakra on a bunch of shurikens and threw them at Kyo. Dealing with this casually, Kyo expelled chakra from his body via willpower and created a barrier that repelled the shurikens away from him. "Gotta do better than that, magnet boy!" Kyo taunted. "You're a fierce one. I'll have to deliver your head to Lord Kazekage. Iron Sand Shower!" Iron Sand amassed from his clothes and molded themselves into fifty bullets of iron sand. With a wave of his hand, Airon sent them all at Kyo at tremendous velocity, cancelling all escape routes while keeping him at the focal point. If successful, it would riddle him all over with holes. "Hah! Not a bad technique... but who said I can only use close range attacks?!" Kyo said. "Now I can show you Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu! Seiryu!" With a flick of his sword, Kyo sent a flurry of cutting waves at the iron sand attack. Not only did the wind block off the bullets, it sliced every single one of them in half. Airon had to back away while riding on his iron sand cloud to make sure he doesn't get hit. "So you were able to get out of range.... no matter, because I'm still going to chop you up!" Kyo said. His murderous intent radiated, evident in the killing power of his chakra, the emanating bloodlust, and the glowing red of his cursed demon eyes. This was Demon Eyes Kyo at his finest.

"Byakko!" Kyo fired a white tiger composed of wind at the airborne Airon, who had to form an iron sand barrier in front of him to defend against Byakko's claw attack. "That kind of defense.... is useless!" Kyo stated. AIron suddenly felt the air pulling him, drawing him towards Kyo as his barrier scattered. When the air was clear, he saw that it was a huge tiger claw composed of wind. Behind was Byakko, making a strike with an equally large claw. 'Shit!" Airon cursed as he formed a barrier surrounding him from iron sand. Byakko's claw ripped right through the iron barrier and injured Airon, but only dealt flesh wounds all over the shoulder area. "This guy still has the right reflexes... alright, let's push Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu's techniques some more!" In retaliation, Airon formed his Iron sand into a variety of different weapons and had them all directed towards Kyo. However, Kyo skillfully deflected them with great skill and speed, making his parries and slashes like shining arcs of light. Airon poured all of the iron sand he kept in pouches, pockets, and even from his two iron sand swords into a huge mass and directed all at Kyo with blinding speed and force. With that much power, it would plow Kyo, pin him to a surface, where Airon can then cut him up. But Kyo instead pointed his sword at the incoming iron sand mass and muttered, 'Genbu". A powerful wall of wind appeared in front of Kyo, blocking the iron sand mass from coming any farther. Airon did not like being defenseless, so he had his iron sand retreat and return to his side. By the time he did so, Kyo fired off a dozen white snakes of wind all coming at Airon. "These techniques.... just what are they?!" he wondered as he once more formed a solid wall of reinforced iron sand. He kept his magnetic chakra as tight as ever in the iron sand to solidify his defenses. The snakes collided with the wall, and there was a huge explosion of wind.

When debris cleared, Kyo saw that the iron wall had been breached and Airon stood, heavily bleeding but still standing. "Man.... what a fearsome defense Satetsu is..." Kyo said. Airon replied, "You... are very dangerous. However, I do have to apologize to you, Kyo. I have been holding back..." Airon said. He then threw a scroll up into the air which dispersed into a giant gourd. Inside this gourd contained iron sand. Airon saturated the internal content of the gourd with his magnetic chakra, and had it all rush out from its container. Now appearing before Kyo was a humongous sheet of Iron Sand. "Oh, deary me...." Kyo breathed. A wide sinister smile appeared on his face and he snickered before cackling. "YES! THIS IS IT! THIS IS WHAT I WANT!"

Channeling fire chakra through his sword, Kyo executed a powerful swung at Airon. A hot crescent of fire, the Inferno Pillar, rushed towards Airon himself, but was intercepted by the black shape of iron sand, which smothered out the fire.
"Iron Sand Joint Technique!" Molding his massive quantity of Satetsu, Airon shaped it into two huge rectangular blocks, perfect for crushing. "Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu Ouji! Satsujin Ken!" From his sword roared a powerful fiery fire chakra in the form of a bird, with enough heat and power to turn Airon into vapor. But Airon simply manuevered the two blocks of iron sand to smash the bird in between them, destroying the bird as embers could be seen oozing out from between the blocks. "My defense is perfect... nothing will get through me. Now... you'll know why Satetsu is feared for its attack power. I will show you my most powerful techniques!" Airon claimed. "Iron Sand World Needle Sphere!" He smashed his two iron sand blocks together, lifting them high into the air to the point that a massive shadow encompassed the entire field. The blocks sliced into each other, mixed and molded, before they exploded into an immense net of elongated iron sand spike-blades aimed to skewer everything in the field. Reacting to this, Kyo tried to use his  reflexes, agility, and Shunshin to avoid getting killed. "Useless! Speed is nothing before me!" Airon declared as his technique took full effect.

When the debris was cleared, he saw that four of his iron sand spikes had succeeded in piercing through Kyo's body, holding him in one place. However, it did not look like Kyo's vital points were damaged. Airon panted, as he had used up a whole lot of chakra. "Impressive.... with your swiftness, you were able to keep yourself alive. However, you cannot move from where you are, making you an easy target. You are already dead. I had the pleasure of ending the life of Demon Eyes Kyo!" Airon said as he gathered a lump of iron sand around his hand. Kyo smiled and then snickered. "Impressive.... that you were able to match against Ouji and Satsujin Ken... HOWEVER! It is now my turn to put down all my cards on the table. You have forced me to use that S-class technique... Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu's strongest technique. The very best that Demon Eyes Kyo has!" Kyo claimed.

A massive amount of wind chakra was poured into Tenro, which was aimed towards the sky. A second later, a beam of chakra fired up into the clouds, opening a hole that could be seen from where they were. "Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu, Ouji. Koryu!" Kyo smiled. The entire sky lighted up with a golden aura, which got into Airon's eyes. A few seconds later, what looked like a huge golden beam shot from the clouds, clearing all of them within vicinity, and headed towards the battlefield they were on at very high speed, supported by gravity acceleration. Koryu, a pillar of golden wind chakra, would smite down an enemy like God's hammer. Airon closed his hand and formed a multi-layer wall of Satetsu to protect him from the golden wind. Koryu bashed through the Satetsu defense and slammed into the ground, inflicting devastating across the entire battlefield as the ground was ruptured, ravaged, and destroyed. The glow disappeared from the sky, revealing that the clouds are all gone. After the debris cleared, Airon was displayed with major bleeding and injuries, including a mutilated arm. His Satetsu started to disappear, as it was clear that Airon could barely hang onto his own life. Then, he felt a gentle breeze past through him. "You can hear it, can't you?" Kyo asked. Airon closed his eyes, feeling at peace, before his body was ripped into pieces by Mizuchi. "The sound of the wind..." Airon's body was chopped into pieces and blood was everywhere, staining kyo's face. Taking advantage of a disabled Airon, Kyo was able to move freely as the Satetsu that pierced him was used to form the barrier wall to protect against Koryu. Wishing to give his opponent a "gentle" death, he used Mizuchi, his last Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu technique to be used. With Airon sliced and diced, Kyo had completed his mission. He had hunted the prey down and proved his superiority.

Just then Satetsu bullets penetrated his legs and lower chest. Kyo collapsed, not expecting an attack to be made. Damn that bastard.... he had a final attack! Kyo cursed. These weren't flesh wounds; bone, joints, ligaments, and muscles were torn. Kyo was bleeding, but before anything he needed to get away. Although Demon Eyes was able to live for another day, he would have to escape if he were to continue his hunt. "Get away... get away... I have to get away!" he grunted.
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Demon Eyes Are Out Looking [Private]
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