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 Kaguya Kairi

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PostSubject: Kaguya Kairi   Sat Nov 21, 2015 11:47 pm


Full Name: Kaguya Kairi
Nickname(s): Puppet, Doll
Codename: n/a
Alias(es): n/a
Age: 17
Classification: n/a
Affiliation: Kirigakure


Hair Color: Snow white
Eye Color: Crystal blue
Gender: Female
Height: 5'
Weight: 111lb
Other Traits: Sharp, shark-like teeth that many Kirigakure ninja bear for a yet unexplained reason.

¤¤¤ PROWESS ¤¤¤

Elemental Natures: Water - "Medical"

Skills: Though Kairi is very fluent in her use of water jutsu, she is even more skilled in Medical-nin. The girl is a more efficient defensive player but, under the right circumstances, she makes a formidable offensive opponent as well. She is able to use her knowledge of herbs, chakra, and the human body, to make poisons to harm as well as heal. Her favored form of fighting is chakra blocking as she is an avid acrobat and likes the addition flare it gives to her "performance".

Weaknesses: Unlike a certain someone, her pain tolerance is minimal, and therefore anyone able to land a few key punches could take her down with ease.

Equipment: She has an ample supply of herbs and medical equipment with her at all times. She also carries the standard ninja gear that never seems to actually be on her body. It just appears when she needs it... like on tv.

¤¤¤ PSYCH EVAL ¤¤¤

Personality: Kairi is a very masochistic woman. She loves to put herself in harm's way under the pretense that she's helping her party, but that's not it at all. She takes pleasure in being beaten, both physically and mentally. She was born in blood, and wants to leave the world in it. Her mind was broken long ago, and all that remains is its twisted, sick shell.

Strengths: The girl is quick witted and strategic, always thinking through the best logical solution to a problem. Trouble is, her desire for pain usually causes her to go in a completely different direction. However, she would never want any injury to come to another that she is loyal to, and will fight until death to protect them.

Interests/Habits: Dancing, acrobats, pain, drinking.

¤¤¤ ORIGIN ¤¤¤

Family Members: Kaguya Kazue
Place of Origin: Kirigakure
History: As a child, Kairi's parents often told her of the horrible tale of her big brother's kidnapping that happened six years before she was born. They should have known that it would induce trauma into her tiny brain. She wasn't old enough to handle that story over and over, but it was like they were both a broken record. No matter what she did, they wouldn't stop talking about it. Finally, at age 7, she ran off to find this Orochimaru for herself, to try and convince him to let her big brother go. It was driving her insane listening to her parents nonstop.

However, when she finally did find his base, instead of letting her brother go (who had already ran off at this point anyway) Orochimaru took her in. He wanted her to be just like her big brother, and so tortured her, trying to make her an exact replica of him. She lived in his shadow for years until she was a broken shell of a girl.

At age ten, the man finally gave up and tried a different approach. Kairi caught on much easier and, although it was still basically torture, grew to love every second of it. She was finally her own person. The pain reminded her of that fact and, when Orochimaru grew tired of her, she made her escape. She needed to chase that high again. The high that only pain and suffering gave her. And, because of the stories that she had been told, the girl knew a great source of the sadistic pain she craved.

She set off to find her big brother.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaguya Kairi   Mon Nov 23, 2015 1:44 pm


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Kaguya Kairi
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