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 The pride of the hidden Cloud (Solo)

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PostSubject: The pride of the hidden Cloud (Solo)   Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:08 pm

***The Raikage's office- 5AM***

Raidon Yamauchi completed the last of his paperwork, filing it properly then putting it in his pile for his assistant to collect the next day. Now, finally, he could sleep. He didn't have time to go home, or even go over to the couch, he just rested his head on the desk and he was out like a light. His assistant came in the next morning, seeing the young Raikage sleeping and sighing, choosing not to wake him from his slumber and instead just quietly taking the paperwork away.

***A few hours later***

Raidon woke up, wiping his eyes until he could see clearly. He looked around, his eyes bulging when he saw the time Darn! I'm supposed to have that meeting in 5 minutes! he got up, then jumped out the window and did hand signs in mid-air Henge no jutsu: Inazuma! He then transformed into a bolt of lightning, zooming over to where the town meeting was being held. He got to the other side of town in two minutes, then ran over the the doors to the town hall, before he stopped and made sure he looked presentable, then walked in.

He went in, only to find himself shrouded in darkness, he looked around, then started doing the hand signs for a lightning style jutsu to light up the darkness, but then the lights were turned on Surprise! Raidon blinked in surprise, looking around. The room was filled with citizens of the Hidden Cloud Village, everyone from high ranking shinobi to normal civilians, they all spoke praise for him and wished him well. Raidon was confused, but he quickly recovered, dishing out fist bumps and high fives and autographs.

Raidon chest bumped one of the chunin, making him land on his butt two metres away, when it finally occured to him that there should probably be a reason for the surprise celebration What's this for? his advisor, Kaminari, just laughed You don't even know, Raidon-sama? It's your birthday! At that, everyone cheered Raidon's name, Raidon laughed Thank you, everybody! Then the party continued all day.
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PostSubject: Re: The pride of the hidden Cloud (Solo)   Sun Nov 29, 2015 7:59 pm

Not everyone was at Raidon's party. Most of these people were just too busy to go, but they probably wish they could. However, there were some who didn't go because they simply didn't want to go, not everyone respected, or even liked, Raidon. There are still those who believe that Raidon was not the most qualified and should have had to wait longer and become the eighth Raikage, and those who do not think he's worthy of the title at all.

These two types of people were now the only ones out and about in the village at the moment, these included the jounin ninja guarding the gate to the city, who were laying on the ground of their watchtower with their throat slit. The one who killed them was stealthily making his way through the village, taking advantage of the fact that over half of the city was at Raidon's party. He dropped down in a building, opened a secret opening to go down a secret staricase, where he met with Denatsu, a high ranking official who particularly disliked Raidon. The man spoke to Denatsu through his mask ...How do you wish me to assist operation 'Bring down the Raikage'?
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The pride of the hidden Cloud (Solo)
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